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I started my QI journey in 2005 at an academic health sciences centre leading improvement in the intensive care units.  Following QI by the textbook we achieved demonstrable and sustainable results as the associated interventions were adopted into practice. 

As the pressure to improve increased both at the hospital level and then at the provincial level, QI became more of a "will do" than a "want to do."  Over time I watched (and contributed to) the science of QI being undercut as we did project after project, adding both complexity and workload to the day to day lives of hose aiming to provide quality care.

My Story
In Action

Learning that the overburdening associated with QI was more widespread,
I undertook a research project, as part of the Harkness Fellowship, aiming to understand and develop tools to make QI more adoptable again. The product of this work is the Highly Adoptable Improvement Model and Toolkit. Since its creation in 2014 it is now embedded into the curriculum of QI programs internationally, taught in workshops and presented at many conferences.