Highly Adoptable Improvement
The purpose of the toolkit is for quality improvement teams (and those commissioning the teams) to use the Highly Adoptable Improvement model to reflect on, discuss and assess how the design of the intervention and the implementation strategy are likely to impact workload and perceived value. The assessment provides a set of questions, centered on key domains, to guide discussion and help your organization and team identify opportunities for improvement in the implementation strategy and intervention design that will enhance more sustainable adoption. The key domains and related questions are based on factors reported in the literature which have been shown to influence diffusion of innovation, adoption or success in change management. The items included in the assessment guide were based on several meetings with an expert panel, in which the items were ranked and prioritized. Each key domain has explanatory text, a question and a set of assessment statements.  ​Note that the tool is not intended to evaluate performance, compare or place judgment but rather to drive conversation around creating more adoptable strategies.

Following the assessment a set of Suggested Actions and Tools is provided to help teams create more Highly Adoptable Improvement initiatives. 

There is still much to learn from the use of the toolkit so can you please provide your email address so that I may contact you for your input, suggestions and thoughts.​

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